"From the rhythmic riffage to gleaming solos to nuanced vocals, 'Now Or Never' finds Avresa at his musical peak. The driving instrumentation, meticulous arrangements, and stunning vocal delivery make it one of his most compelling tracks to date."

"Avresa's magnetic guitar strum effortlessly conquers the summits of mountains, enthralling every listener with his captivating melodies and irresistible rhythms."
Muse Chronicle

"Showcasing an exquisite musical repertoire, 'Now or Never' joins his discographic collection as a milestone, not only underscoring his evolution as a musician and composer but also paving a robust and finely defined path for his forthcoming musical works."
Bad Wolf Radio

"'Now or Never' takes things up a notch into a piece that's driving and powerful. Thriving on its larger than life composition and captivating narrative that floods you with energy."
Find No Enemy

"Another gem drenched in meaningful lyricism... the record oscillates between classic rock distortion and cinematic, anthemic textures, the perfect settings for Avresa's nuanced and evocative vocals."

"From melodic rock to pop elements, he and his guitar take turns to shine. This is an adventure full of surprises... Artists like Avresa are difficult to find, especially given the circumstance we live in. You will find his music populate your dreams, a soundtrack to a new destiny."

"Being an avid fan, you could predict how Avresa's tracks go. You'd be wrong. Taking the wildest turns and transitions, each song is a dive into an audio canyon with the most detailed terrain."

Track of the day - "Sincere, sentimental and sophisticated, Avresa captures our hearts with Follow Through."
The Other Side Reviews

"We need more music such as 'Follow Through' in our lives. Particularly in those moments when we're drowning in a sea of melancholy and a guiding melody is required to bring us back to shore."
Illustrate Magazine

"The dynamics and range in production of this song are thought through and executed even better. Jeremy’s smooth and soft voice comes across earnest and true."
Rising Artists

"A powerful single that weaves a message we all need to hear, it will leave you feeling stronger than before and ready to walk your own path to happiness."
The Other Side Reviews

"Avresa is back and better than ever... It's an energising and empowering piece of indie rock that has you rallying yourself, forcing and compelling you to prioritise who you are even if it involves tough sacrifices in the process."
Find No Enemy

"A catchy sing along chorus that serves to motivate listeners to leave an unpleasant situation and become a better version of themselves. The vocals are rich and deep in tone and they are filled with raw, honest emotion."
Rising Artists

"The dynamics of the instruments and the vocals amp you up to sing along with the chorus and inspire you to move on... A truly inspiring song to get you going when you feel stuck in life."
Illustrate Magazine
"The track takes its listener on an incredible emotional roller coaster with its sweet melodies and heartwarming lyrics. The acoustic instruments give the song an intimate and humble touch, while the driving melodic electric guitars motivate to find that something.

With vibrant melodies and haunting backing vocals, 'Find Something' is a phenomenal song."

Rising Artists

"With a hook-driven sound, Avresa lays down delicate writing and intricate instrumentation on this epic melodic rock outing."
Plastic Magazine
"I could go on about 'Find Something' and Avresa's music, but the simple fact is that I love it. Soothing and enchanting I am now happily addicted to his infectious, soul-filling sound."
Nexus Music Blog

"Between the ever more anxiety-provoking news and the winter mood, the piece is perfect to warm our hearts. It is thanks to beautiful folk pop melodies, a warm vocal line, that Avresa has us addicted."
Indie Chronique

"Lyrically the song is inspiring. When you find a song that will give you goosebumps, you know it's a keeper. 'Patience' is a song that will be a constant reminder to everyone that no matter what the situation, you need to be patient."
Rising Artists

"Driven by an atmospheric Post Punk riff, Avresa's 'Patience' leads into a colourful Indie Rock bridge until it climaxes in an anthemic chorus that invites you to sing along to. The backing vocals especially provide goose bumps here, and the piano part after the second chorus even intensifies this effect."
MangoWave Reviews

"While the lyrics and message of this track are especially relevant to current times, 'Patience (Delta Variant)' is also quite an enjoyable listen, reflecting Avresa's innovative songwriting and excellent musicianship"
Less Than 1000 Followers

"The melodic structure of the piano together with the backing vocals remind us of many anthems in Bruce Springsteen's repertoire, and this is highly comforting. For sure, legendary 'The Boss' would approve of a song like this, no doubt!"
Roadie Music

'Are You Happy?'' is a rushing track that really hits the ground running, with the rushing torrent of guitars and drums coming just after 30 seconds... Australia really has some amazing talent and Avresa is certainly up there with them!"
It's All Indie

"Avresa showcases his admiration towards indie rock through this particular track, but there are more genres involved as you dig deeper into his sound....you'll be surprised by the ambiance that this song delivers."
Thoughts Words Action

"As the vocals have you questioning connections, delving into past mistakes and questioning happiness, the melody has you jumping around like mad. There is a driving beat that slips past your defences and vibrates through your veins... There is such a lively feeling to the music that you can't help but get lost in the movement."
The Other Side Reviews

"A track that's incredibly appropriate for our times... Oscillating between a more traditional indie synth piece to a more heavy guitar dominant riff, it manages to balance both sides with ease."
Find No Enemy

"Maintaining a sense of humor, especially in this delicate moment that we are living, is more than essential. It is in this context that Avresa's music enters. A light and calm indie rock whose greatest success is its lyrics that are very humorous and critical at the same time...

This artist from Sydney seems very relevant and manages to translate many feelings of frustration with the situation we still live in. Light and well humored."
You! Me! Dancing!